Finally, after various expeditions in the North, countless hours of spending time in the wild, the book Cold Fever is done. It is a 180 page hardcover photobook, filled with 120 photos from the north and got its preface written by Staffan Widstrand. The book is bilingual, in English and German. The book shows the beauty of the north which is threatend by climate change. See what we already lose if we don't act against climate change. Soon all these animals and landscapes will soon just exist as pictures. The book comes in three chapters: Through forests, Over mountains along shores and to the cold egde. 




Follow me on a journey through northern Finland, Sweden, Norway and Svalbard. The first edition is signed and limited to 100, with more than half already sold during the Crowdfunding page. Some of the pictures in the book you can already find in the gallery, showing a glimpse of what you get. There's also an option for buying an imperfect copy since the printing house had some troubles. Some of the pictures can have small scratches, mostly visible in the dark parts of the photos. Of course the limited and signed version comes without any marks. You will also get an individual number.

Cold Fever - The Book

Cold Fever - The Beauty of the North

Hardcover Photobook, 180 Pages, 120 Photographs

Cold Fever - The Book

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